Paediatricians and nurses for Ciad Hospital

An important iniziative of international solidarity. Formative stage in San Benedetto del Tronto about childish pathologies of sub-saharian Africa.


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International Solidarity in Favour of the Children

Paediatricians and Nurses at the Italian Hospital in Chad


SAN BENEDETTO – In San Benedetto, there is a large initiative for international solidarity in favour of the children.  Yesterday at Hotel Progresso, a training course on specific Sub-Saharan African diseases was presented.  The course was organized for the purpose of adequately preparing the health personnel which had become available for the position in Chad in the “project of formative-aid activity at the Italian hospital in N’Djamena”, and therefore scientifically form the work group “Paediatrics for maxi-emergencies.”

The initiative, as pointed out by Colonel Antonio Masetti, medical officer of the Directorate-General for Military Health, found the willingness to help from the municipal administration of the touristic consortium “Riviera delle palme” and of some private businesses, like Soledil, Turval Laboratories, and Alioscia Distributions, that reunited many medics, nurses, and eminent speakers from every part of Italy, among which -  Gianni Messi, Stefano Del Torso e Nicola Paparusso.  A thank you was given to Dr. Franca Di Girolamo for figuring out the logistics.  She is a well-known and respected paediatrician from San Benedetto and has already been  the protagonist of numerous humanitarian missions in developing countries supporting the children, and of the “Mamma Italia onlus” association, which financed the project with the funds gathered from the sales of the 2009 calendar “Grande tra i Grandi”, an editorial work where the leading political figures are portrayed with children of various ethnicities.  Assessor Loredana Emili and director of Zona 12 Giuseppe Petrone participated at the meeting.