Customer comments

  • David E Anderson

    “Turval camelid daily is my preferred probiotic for sick llamas, alpacas, and camels. This is the product of choice for our use in the veterinary teaching hospital. "

    David E Anderson, DVM, MS, DACVS
    Head and Associate Professor of Farm Animal Surgery
    Director, International Camelid Initiative
    Ohio State University
    College of Veterinary Medicine - Columbus, Ohio USA

  • Parapharma: I’d like to express our satisfaction

    Dear Turval Laboratories, I’d like to express our satisfaction, as well as that of the doctors and specialists to whom we illustrated the characteristics of the probiotic Bioval Plus and Bioval Complex.

  • A horse affected by Laminitis

    ..... I began administering (Turval 6 Daily) the product in the dosages recommended and after three/four days, without the use of any drugs, the horse began to walk normally again and standing normally on its forefeet (the ones affected by Laminitis). ......

  • Turval gives instant results!

    ....... Because he is eating and digesting his food, he
    has gained not only weight but strength. As we re-introduced him to cutting
    he shows no signs of wind shortage or respiratory congestion like before. .......

  • Turval on a 26-year-old mare

    ....... After a month, a significantimprovement was observed in her general state of health: a shinier coat, feces ofnormal consistency with no indigest material present, better working performance. .......

  • The effects of Turval3 on camels

    ..... This camel has shown complete recovery. He has gained weight and has a very healthy looking coat. ....
    There are many variables that might have contributed to the weight gain. But non could have prompted such quick weight gain and recovery as the Turval 3.

  • FAQ about Turval Horse line