Turval gives instant results!

....... Because he is eating and digesting his food, he
has gained not only weight but strength. As we re-introduced him to cutting
he shows no signs of wind shortage or respiratory congestion like before. .......

My name is Cathy L. My husband and I raise, train, and show cutting horses.
We have been operating a cutting horse facility in Northwest Las Vegas for
over 30 years. During those years we have seen almost every problem that a
sport horse can have, from injury to disease.
Two years ago we purchased a registered quarter horse gelding, as a two year old, at the PCCHA Gelding Stakes sale for use as a cutting horse prospect.

"Skinner" was a little poor at sale time but showed a lot of talent on a cow
so we purchased him anyway. He had been pasture raised in Northern
California for the first two years of his life.

Upon his arrival in Las Vegas we started to leg him up with the intent to
continue the 60 day riding foundation training that he had been given prior
to sale time. We noticed that he was short of breath with just a little
light riding. We treated this like an upper respiratory problem and
doctored him with antibiotics. We gave him some time off to aid in his
recovery During this time we started him on grain with the hope of
encouraging him to gain weight and shed his coat. He was turned out on
pasture daily and fed all the alfalfa cubes he would eat, in addition to
supplements, grain, and a daily dose of "Red Cell". Our hose was that
during the antibiotic therapy and rest he would gather strength.
During the above therapy, I watched "Skinner" very carefully, checking his
manure twice daily for any signs of parasites and observing his eating
habits. During the morning he would lie down to eat and he was not passing
manure consistent with the amount of feed he was receiving. The feces that
he did pass were very small, hard, and dry. He was slow to consume his feed
and often showed signs of "colic-like" gas and cramps after eating. Our
regular veterinarian diagnosed a digestive problem in addition to his
respiratory ailment.

Armed with this information, I decided to send him to California to a clinic
for testing. They tested his blood several times, checked his feces and
blood for parasites, checked all bodily fluids for anything abnormal,
palpated him for a blockage, and sent him back saying they couldn't find
anything abnormal. He returned with the same problems and showed all the
symptoms of a horse with ulcers.
After much consternation and discussion, our regular veterinarian prescribed
"Zantac" for the abdominal discomfort that "Skinner" was experiencing and we
discontinued the antibiotics so as not to aggravate the possible ulceric
cokndition. We continued the "Zantac" treatment twice daily for five
months. "Skinner improved only slightly.
This slight improvement was not enough to continue the "Zantac" which was
costing in excess of $30.00 per day not including time and treatment. To
tell you truthfully, I was at wits end. Futurity time was fast approaching
and all the time and money in treatments were adding up significantly. It
was apparent that "Skinner" was really sick and nothing that we were trying
was making him significantly better. We made the switch from "Zantac" to
"Sacrulafate" because of the cost and the result was no better or worse.
Needless to say Futurity time came and went. The money that this horse
could of earned evaporated in a puddle of very costly antacid treatment and
by December '97 he was still thin, weak, gassy, and dull coated. I had
decided to stop everything and turn him out to pasture hoping that time
might be the cure, when an alternative veterinarian suggested that as a last
effort we might try an Italian remedy which had shown more significant
results in horses with similar problems. "TURVAL" WAS PRESCRIBED and I
began an aggressive treatment of nothing but "Turval".
Because "Turval" is not widely prescribed or used in the United States, I
was skeptical but, I figured what could it hurt. Even though "Turval" was
not cheap it was fa less by comparison than the other treatments I had
explored. You can certainly understand why I was reluctant to just give up
on this horse which had showed so much talent on a cow even though he was
obviously very, very sick. So I turned to "Turval" in earnest.
I WAS AMAZED AT THE RESULT "TURVAL" PRODUCED. Instant Results! Over the past five months (Jan. 98-Present) "Skinner" has gained several hundred pounds and he can/will eat anything. He completely shed his coat for the first time in 2 years and shows no signs of the gas that was part of his
everyday eating experience. Because he is eating and digesting his food, he
has gained not only weight but strength. As we re-introduced him to cutting
he shows no signs of wind shortage or respiratory congestion like before.
He plays in the pasture and bangs on his door at feed time.
"TURVAL" IS TRULY A REMARKABLE PRODUCT. Recently I took "Skinner" to a four day cutting and forgot to take extra "Turval". By the end of the weekend he was up to his old tricks again, lying down to eat and feeling gas and discomfort. To this day we have not been able to correctly diagnose the
problem, but one thing is for sure. "Turval", I believe, over time, will be
the cure.
I know this sounds a little too good to be true but, I attest to every word
of it. If you have any questions or would like further information please;
do not hesitate to call.

Cathy L.